Promotion 50% discount on Camaro Base Layers

50% discount on CAMARO baselayers

Now temporarily with the purchase of a CAMARO 5 or 7 mm ALPHA pro wetsuit a baselayer of your choice with 50% discount.

That is the action we have now set up in cooperation with CAMARO.


CAMARO Alpha Pro wetsuit.

Many divers fall in love with the look of the suit immediately. Ask CAMARO suit users about their experiences and they will tell you with nothing but enthusiasm how comfortable and warm the suit is. The most striking thing you will hear is that they are often approached by other divers who compliment them on their beautiful suit and are actually jealous.

In the total range of suits, CAMARO has always been a standout. The suits are striking in design. They are unprecedentedly flexible and are made of high-quality and durable materials. Camaro makes the suits in an extremely professional and skilled manner in their own workshop. As a result, they have unprecedented knowledge and experience in this field. And that is something you notice immediately when you dive with a CAMARO suit.

The following points are characteristic of the Alpha overall:

- Available in 3, 5 and 7 mm
- 15 different men's clothing sizes, incl. long and short
- 12 different women's clothing sizes, incl. long and short
- Super soft elastic neoprene.
- Asymestrsche G-lock zip, 93.7% waterproof.
- Additional water lock seals behind the zip.
- Seals and zips in the arms and legs.
- Double collar seal, adjustable for optimal fit and water tightness.
- Extra warm and quick-drying inner lining.


Baselayers, the solution for extra warmth!

CAMARO offers the ultimate solution when it comes to extra warmth with a wetsuit. Regardless of the brand of wetsuit, these baselayers can be used as an extra source of warmth.
The baselayer is made of titanium coated open cell neoprene, which fits to the body like a second skin. Because you wear the baselayer under the regular suit, it works as an extra insulating layer. Water flow will be minimal while warmth will be maximized. Baselayers are only 2 mm thick and can therefore be worn unhindered under any suit. They can be used on both sides. With the smooth side inwards or with the nylon side on the skin. The choice is up to the user.
There are various models of baselayers. Depending on the user's needs, the emphasis can be on keeping the legs more warm, the torso and/or the arms. Different baselayers can also be combined with each other.
Baselayers are an affordable solution for every diver.

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