Beware of Spare-Air Copy-Cat!

We are posting this message in response to recent developments in the Spare-Air market.
In recent weeks, we have received many questions about a copy cat of Spare-Air. Not only us, but also our Spare-Air manufacturer has been getting a lot of questions about this copy cat. The manufacturer has formulated a message in response to this in order to create more clarity.

We have posted the full message below.

If you have any further questions, please let us know!

Another copy of Spare Air?

Yep, this new one on Amazon and Ebay is from China and is a reverse engineered copy of Spare Air. Most of you know that Spare Air was first invented over 40 years ago. In all that time we have seen many copies come and go, however we are proud of being the Original product, a real manufacturer and a real company standing behind our products.  We started, and still are, MADE IN THE USA!

What we think you should know:
They are private labeling and it is being sold with no tank label, or under multiple product names. The tank markings indicate it is made in China. Its the same manufacturer from the Kickstarter campaign a few years ago.

THE TANK IS NOT DOT MARKED:  This means customers in the US will not be able to get the tank filled, VIP'd or Hydro-tested.  
VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET WARRANTY SERVICE OR ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE:  The product literature says the product has a 1 year warranty, however NO manufacturer name, address, phone number or website is included. The customer is on their own.

Spare Air parts are not compatible in the Chinese copy. However, we will offer a great trade-in deal for a new Spare Air system. You may find our company name on product labels or paperwork as they have copied some of our marketing messages.  

We want you to have all the info!  


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