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New in the XCel collection
Thermoflex TDC 7mm and 5 mm Men's / Women's

The ThermoFlex is Xcel's most advanced diving suit range, featuring all new TDC Thermo Dry Celliant, a revolutionary inner lining with Smart Fibre Technology that recycles your body heat into infrared energy for more warmth, longer endurance, faster recovery and improved overall performance. The 7/6mm ThermoFlex has TDC in a low-pile front and back from neck to knee. Xcel's lightweight quick dry lining in the arms and lower legs. On the outside, tonally printed shoulder graphics reduce BC wear. The ThermoFlex is bonded and blind-stitched with compression-resistant UltraStretch neoprene for softer foam and better durability. Easy on/off ankle closures with sealed "V" shaped inner ankle flaps allow for extra easy donning.

7 mm € 449 and 5 mm € 359 / 19 different men's sizes and 15 different women's sizes.

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